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Foxx's EZwaste Solvent Waste System - Important for Everyone

EZwaste Regulations Safety Solvent Waste

Foxx's EZwaste® Solvent Waste System is an exciting advance for protecting laboratory workers who use HPLC machines or other equipment where waste is emptied into open containers.


High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) machines have become a staple of analytical labs across the country and the world. While there are plenty of resources for the use and operation of these devices, there is little to no recognition on the waste that is generated by the process. Even more concerning, is the way that waste is handled before it is removed from the facility.

Waste exits the maching through tubing which is typically placed into buckets, jars, or other open apparatuses. Most of the time these containers are covered with tin foil or parafilm. While this is a simple solution, it does not take into consideration the risk of inhaling vapors given off by the waste. In the table below we provide the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) and the Recommended Exposure Limit (REL) for some common solvents in the HPLC process. Many of these solvent vapors will be at a much higher concentration in laboratories where proper waste management is not taking place.

HPLC Solvent Table

There are also numerous chemicals that are odorless and cannot be perceived by laboratory personnel. This means that workers may be unaware of the chemicals that they are inhaling. The best solution to avoid inhaling these vapors is to create a closed-loop system where vapors are contained in a receptacle that has the proper chemical compatibility with the solvents. Foxx provides the most economic and user-friendly closed-loop product on the market.


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The EZwaste® Solvent Waste System provides a closed-loop environment where tubing from HPLC machines is directly attached to the manifold on the container. Vapors then pass through our proprietary filter where the hazardous elements are removed and the treated air is released into the environment.

Because of the variety of HPLC tubing and numerous possibilities of laboratory setups, we designed our adapter to fit with a wide variety of tubing types while taking advantage of our patented VersaCap® technology. This means you eliminate the frustration of tangling HPLC tubing in the lab while reducing your exposure to harmful vapors. Furthermore, we have developed our UN/DOT line to provide labs with a container that meets all UN and DOT requirements for transportation of waste.


Much like cigarettes nearly half a century ago, solvent waste will become a hot topic for lab managers and workers who work with HPLC machines. No matter what your lifestyle is, everyone is equally at risk for the negative health impacts from certain solvents. At Foxx, we design every product we manufacture to be at the forefront of our industry. This is no different when considering our EZwaste® line of products. That is why when you consider the disposal of HPLC waste, the EZwaste® Solvent Waste System is important for everyone.

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