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EZ Flow Cell Strainers

Cell Strainers EZFlow EZwaste Nylon Mesh Regulations Safety Solvent Waste

Our EZFlow Cell Strainers use USP Class VI material to consistently obtain uniform, single-cell suspensions that are ideal for preparation of samples for flow cytometry, Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS), and other applications related to cell separation.
  • Features an extended lip area, perfect for use with a variety of laboratory forceps
  • USP Class VI Nylon mesh has a uniform construction that reduces cell loss and improves results
  • Plastic housing made of USP Class VI material and sterilized via Gamma Irradiation (SAL 10-6)
  • Color coded housing to help you easily identify the Nylon mesh size
  • Packing is color coded, and matches the coloring of the plastic housing for easy identification of Nylon mesh size
  • Medical-grade pull tab packaging for easy access to product

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