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Open Top VersaCap® 120mm with EZTop® System, 2 x 1/4" Tubes and 1 x 3/8" Tube


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Foxx Life Sciences™ VersaCap® EZ Top® Systems are aseptic handling solutions for high purity fluids and sensitive biologicals in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and laboratory liquid transfer applications. Customize your new Foxx Life Sciences™ EZgrip® carboys and HD Bottles, or existing plastic carboys and bottles for aseptic fluid transfer, sampling, or sealing.

Eliminate pouring of high valued products through this leak proof aseptic system. Flexible system is designed with closures that fit bottles or carboys with 53mm, 83mm, and 120 mm closures. High purity platinum cured silicone insert with or without tubing. Accept additional fluid transfer components such as aseptic connectors and air vent filters. All components are autoclavable.

VersaCap® are made from polypropylene, which may be autoclaved at 15 PSI and 121°C (250°F) for 20 minutes.

  • High purity platinum-cured silicone insert with or without tubing
  • Eliminate pouring of high valued products through this leak-proof aseptic system
  • Made from Class VI autoclavable materials


  • Cap Size: 53mm
  • Cap Style: Open
  • Adapter: EZtop Silicone molded 1/4" tubing x 2 and 3/8" tubing x 1
  • Cap Material: Polypropylene


VersaCap® EZTop® Fluid Transfer: (US)

VersaCap® EZTop® Fluid Transfer: (A4)


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