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The PUREGRIP® Glass Carboy encompasses the newest offering in Foxx’s collaboration with Borosil®. Combining the quality of Borosil® glassware with Foxx’s innovative, user-focused designs, PUREGRIP® Carboys are the first ever 83B Glass Carboy on the market. This product line features the largest writing surfaces and visible graduations on a glass carboy, while including our patented VersaCap® made from Class VI, Animal Free, Polypropylene. A platinum-cured silicone O-ring ensures our leak-proof seal while the large handles with finger grips allow for easy tightening and opening. Our Open VersaCap® technology, sold separately, is also compatible with a variety of adapter inserts, enabling users to quickly change top connections to match their application needs. This product line is autoclavable and sterilizable. Check out the newest innovation in Glass Carboys today!