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Poophoria - GIANTmicrobes® Plush Toy Gift Box


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GIANTmicrobes® Poophoria Gift Box

Here are five adorable poops of warm untroubled delight and astonishing vitality. They are so spring-like in their luminous self-confidence that you can’t help but shout “Poophoria” !

Poophoria themed gift box includes these minis: Log, Pellets, Puddle, Perfect and Swirl.

Product Details:

Sizes: Giantmicrobes are based on actual microbes, cells, organisms and other critters, only 1,000,000 times actual size!

Gigantic (GG) 16-24"
XL (XL) 10-15"
Original (PD) 5-8"
Minis (MM) 2-4" each
Keychain (KC) 2-4" with clip

Materials: Plush from all new materials. Stuffed with polyester fiber fill. Surface washable: sponge with water & soap, air dry.

Packaging: Each plush microbe includes a printed card with fun, educational and fascinating facts about the actual microbe or cell.

Safety: Every product meets or exceeds U.S. and European standards for safety. For ages 3 and up.

All About Poophoria

We all do it, but few talk about it. After a long strange trip, food transforms into water and solids packed with dead gut bacteria. Whether you call it #2, stool, turd, dookie, feces – or scat, guano or dung for animals – you are sure to enjoy this charming collection of Log, Pellets, Puddle, Perfect and Swirl.

Some poop may be difficult to discharge due to its amazing size. After vigorous straining and then success, you might feel proud and triumphant. But before you summon your friends to witness the greatness of your feat, know that a huge log is simply due to the amount of fiber and water you consume. If you really want to bask in poop glory, consider the study of coprolites, or fossilized poop. The largest dino poop excavated measured over 25 inches!

Like life, poop is not always a bed of roses. Pellet poops, or not going to the bathroom for a while, might be a sign that you’ve got a traffic jam in your intestine. When you are constipated and want to turn pellets into poophoria, drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables, exercise, and try to relax.

Diarrhea, or runny, puddle-like poop occurs when there is a mishandling of the absorption of water in the gut. It’s caused by stress, food poisoning or other bacteria and viruses. Norovirus, rotavirus and viral gastroenteritis are common infectious causes of diarrhea. Some types of E.coli can cause traveler’s diarrhea.

You can lose lots of water when you have diarrhea and become dehydrated. So drink lots of water when you have a puddle!

We all do it, but few talk about it. After traveling a very long path through your digestive tract, food transforms into waste. While it may smell, poop is a very good thing since the process rids your body of stuff it doesn’t need. Whether you call it excrement, stool or feces — scat, guano or dung for animals — when you’re feeling like it’s time for a perfect #2 just shout “POOPHORIA!”

Your poop is assembled gradually as food moves more than 20 feet through your intestines. Nutrients are absorbed by your body and the wastes are pushed further down at about an inch per minute. What’s the recipe for poop? 75% water and 25% solids that includes lots of bacteria biomass. Gut bacteria help to digest food and they also produce smelly gases giving your poop its special fragrance.

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