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Vactrap™ 2, Tubing Extension, 16 ft., w/ 0.2μm PTFE Vent Filter

Foxx Life Sciences

Vactrap™ 2, Tubing Extension, 16 ft., w/ 0.2μm PTFE Vent Filter


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    Foxx Life Sciences' Vactrap 2 is the world's most advanced vacuum trap system.  Ideal for the protection of vacuum lines and scientists alike, Vactrap 2 safely contains waste from supernatant removal, chemical separation, and cell or tissue culture media aspiration.  Best of all, Vactrap 2 comes ready to use; simply attach to your vacuum and begin your work. 

    Vactrap™ 2 tubing extensions allow users to replace or extend the tubing connecting their Vactrap 2 system to their vacuum. NEW Improved heavy duty tubing to avoid kinking. Each extension includes a replacement inline vent filter.  For more replacement vent filters, search "Foxx vent filter". 

    Say goodbye to glass.  Say hello to Vactrap™ 2.




    • Tube length: 16'
    • Tube Diameter: 3/8"
    • Tube Material: Platinum-cured Silicone

    FDA ApprovedAutoclavableMade in the USA


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