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EZwaste® Solvent Waste System - Creating Safer Labs and World

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Foxx's Exciting Advancement in Lab Safety.


Especially for laboratory workers using HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) machines, or other equipment where waste is emptied into open containers, proper ventilation, disposal and management are mandatory for safe lab operations. HPLC machines have become a staple of analytical laboratories across the country and the world. Yet, while there are plenty of resources for their use and operation, there is little to no recognition of the effects of waste generated by these processes. Even more concerning, is the way waste may be handled before removed from a facility.

Waste exits the machining through tubing that is typically placed into buckets, jars, or other open apparatuses. Oftentimes, the remaining open areas surrounding the tubes is open or covered with materials such as tin foil, parafilm or other non-regulatory items that can leak fumes, gas and cause serious health risks. While a simple, fast and cheap solution, it does not consider the inhalation risks associated with leaking vapors given off by the waste.

In the table below, we provide the PEL (Permissible Exposure Limit) and the REL (Recommended Exposure Limit) for some common solvents used in the HPLC process. Many of these solvent vapors will be at a much higher concentration in laboratories where proper waste management is not taking place, as well. 

HPLC Solvent Table

Alarmingly, there are also many odorless toxic chemicals lab workers may not be aware they are inhaling. The best solution to avoid inhaling potentially harmful fumes is clearly to keep them fully contained. How is this achieved when drainage and changing out the container is required? This was the challenge presented to Foxx Life Sciences during some laboratory process observation research studies. Seeing these issues first hand, Foxx worked with laboratory workers to create the most economic and user-friendly, closed-loop product on the market, where vapors are contained in a receptacle with the proper chemical compatibility, ventilation apparatus and capping. 


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Unlike any other system available, Foxx's EZwaste® Solvent Waste System closed-loop environment allows tubing from HPLC machines to attach directly to the manifold on the container. Vapors then pass through our proprietary EZwaste® filter where the hazardous elements are removed and the treated air is released into the environment. And, because of the variety of HPLC tubing and numerous possibilities of laboratory setups, Foxx designed an adapter to fit with a wide variety of tubing types, taking advantage of our patented VersaCap® technology that eliminates the frustration of tangled HPLC tubing. Furthermore, we have developed a UN/DOT line to provide labs with a container that meets all UN and DOT requirements for transportation of waste.


As the chemical industry continues to grow, so will solvent waste and chemical fumes. These will become an increasing concern for lab managers and workers alike. Regardless of someone's lifestyle, anyone subjected to harmful fumes is equally at risk for the negative health impacts from inhaling chemical solvents.

Our closed-loop system not only protects workers in the lab, but the environment outside it. Remove unwanted lab fumes, health hazards and frustration with Foxx Life Sciences EZwaste® Solvent Waste today! 

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