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Borosil® Desiccators

Borosil® Vacuum Glass Desiccators are built with strength, durability, and utility in mind. From streamlined body contours to facilitate easy cleaning, to high-quality stopcocks for easy shutoff, Borosil® Vacuum Desiccators reflect the same care and attention to detail seen in all Borosil® Glassware. Supplied with a porcelain plate, ground glass flanges, and a glass stopcock, these desiccators are perfect for drying of moist products, and for storage of moisture-sensitive substances. Borosil® Desiccators are compatible with any common desiccant, such as sulfuric acid, phosphoric pentoxide, calcium chloride, or silica.

Borosil® Vacuum Desiccators are rated to hold a 9.6 PSI vacuum when properly cleaned and greased. Available in inner diameters from 100mm (XS) to 300mm (XL). Borosil® Vacuum Desiccators are also available in Light-Blocking Amber.