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Single Use Bioprocess

Single Use Technology in the Bioprocess Industry

Single Use Technology (SUT) is becoming popular in Bioprocess and Biopharma industry due to its inherent advantages like low cost, ease of use, simple validation process, lowest rollout time, efficiency, and reliability. These systems are used in the bioprocessing industry for both upstream and downstream processes. 

Single Use Systems (SUS) consist of fluid handling bottle assemblies, bioprocess bags, carboys assemblies, bottle and flask assemblies, Silicone and Thermoplastic (TPE) tubing, Plastic fittings, connectors, manifold assemblies, Capsule Filter assemblies, and many more.   

There is a significant decrease in the development and validation time for the vaccine and biotherapeutics production due to SUT.  Single Use Systems (SUS) have also provided the advantage of faster regulatory approvals and go-to-market strategy. 


Foxx Life Sciences as a reliable Single Use Technology partner

Foxx Life Sciences, an innovation leader in providing standard and Custom Single Use Technology (SUT) solutions, offers high-quality, efficient products that enable research, development, and manufacturing in a sterile environment. Whether you are into bioprocess manufacturing, research, and development, or GMP manufacturing, we have suitable products that are best-in-class that enable your process efficiency with all regulatory documentation.   


The Foxx advantages are: 

  • ISO 13485 certified production units – Assures quality focused processes, continually innovated to produce the best products for use. 
  • All products manufactured using USP Class VI resin materials – Provide high durability and excellent resistance to thermal and chemical environments. 
  • All products assembled in Class 7 certified cleanrooms – Maintains complete sterility maintained for your bioprocess SUT applications. 
  • Three manufacturing units with robust supply chain facility – Provides the shortest lead times in the industry while maintaining high quality and low cost.  

If you have any questions or inquiries, please email us at or call 1-603-890-3699.

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