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EZBio® Bottles

Foxx Life Sciences offers the widest range of EZBio® Single Use Media Bottles on the market. With a variety of sizes, cap options and materials; Foxx can fulfill all your application needs. With a leak proof design and revolutionary VersaCap® technology; Foxx offers the most cost effective product on the market. EZBio® Bottles can be used for sampling, sorting media, biologicals, and many other aqueous solutions.

Foxx EZBio® Single Use Media Bottles are made of USP Class VI components and are Gamma Irradiated in the United States. Each container Is designed with the highest quality Class VI resins and minimalize additives and reduce potential leachables within your media. Each container is great for pharmaceutical, laboratory and food grade applications.

Foxx also offers the ability to provide and produce custom components, assemblies, and variations in a timely manner. For more information please contact us at or by phone at 1-603-890-3699.