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Downloadable Product Pictures

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Single-Use BioProcess

 EZBio® Anchors 

 EZBio® Bottles 

EZBio® Bottle Assy. 

EZBio® Cap Assy. 

EZBio® Vent Filters 

EZTop® Fluid Transfer 

Filling & Venting 

Sanitary Clamps 

Silicone Tubing 

True Union Clamps 


Autofil® Bottle-Top 

Autofil® Centrifuge 

Autofil® Hardware 

EZFlow® Cell Strainers 

EZFlow® Glass Filtration 

EZFlow® Membrane Discs 

EZFlow® Syringe Filters  (email sales@foxxlifesciences.com)

Vent Filters 

Fluid Management

Caps & Adapters 


Centrifuge Bottles 

Erlenmeyer Flasks 

HD Vacuum Bottles 


SECUREgrasp® Media Bottles

Storage Bottles

Secondary Containers 

Teras Turbine Mixer 

Tight-Head Containers 


 Vactrap™ XL 

VersaBarb & Spigots 

Brewtainers  (email sales@foxxlifesciences.com)

Laboratory Safety

HPLC Solvent Waste 

Safety Cans  (email sales@foxxlifesciences.com)

Safety Funnels 


Tubing Adapters 


 Vactrap™ XL 

BOROSIL® Glassware

 PUREGRIP® Bottles  (email sales@foxxlifesciences.com)

 PUREGRIP® Carboys