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Product Data Sheets



AseptiQuik® S Series   A4
Autofil® Bottle Top Filtration   A4           
Autofil@ 2 Bottle Top Filtration
Autofil® PP for Solvent Filtration   A4           
Autofil® SS Bottle Top Filtration   A4           
Autofil® Centrifuge Filtration   A4           
Autofil® Centrifuge Bottles   A4  
Autofil® Pedestal and Cradle Ring Cleaning   A4        
Burettes    A4
Centrifuge Ware    A4
ChromCap™ 100    A4
ChromCap™ 300    A4
Condensers    A4
Cryogenic Ware    A4
Cylinders    A4
EZBio® Anchors    A4  
EZBio® GL45 Caps and Adapters with VersaCap® Technology
EZBio® Carboys (HDPE)
EZBio® Carboys (PC)
EZBio® Carboys (PETG)
EZBio® Carboys (PP)
EZBio® Carboy Assemblies
EZBio® Titanium Round Carboys
EZBio® Clamps
EZBio® Flasks    A4
EZBio® Flask Assembly MTO
EZBio® Stainless Steel Funnels and Pharma Scoops    A4
EZBio® Stainless Steel Spatulas and Spoons    A4
EZBio® STC AseptiQuik® Connector
EZBio® Sterile MTO Cap Assemblies    A4
EZBio® Sterile MTO Bottle Assemblies    A4
EZBio® Sterile MTO Bottle Assemblies w/ NovaSeal
EZBio® Sterile Media Bottle Assemblies    A4           
EZBio® Media Bottles    A4
EZBio® Titanium Square Media Bottles
EZBio® Vent Filters    A4           
EZBio®pure Titanium Round Media Bottles  
EZBio®pure Titanium Round MTO Assemblies
EZBio®pure Titanium Round Carboys
EZclear® Erlenmeyer Flasks   A4           
EZFlow® Cell Strainers


EZgripᵀᴹ Carboys (Amber)   A4         
EZgripᵀᴹ Carboys (HDPE)   A4         
EZgripᵀᴹ Carboys (PC)    A4 
EZgripᵀᴹ Carboys (PETG)    A4      
EZgripᵀᴹ Carboys (Polypropylene)   A4      
EZgripᵀᴹ Carboy Cleaning Instructions   A4      
EZLabpureᵀᴹ Aspirator Bottles    A4
EZLabpureᵀᴹ Round Carboys    A4
EZLabpureᵀᴹ Wide Mouth Carboys    A4
EZLabpureᵀᴹ Round Vacuum Bottles
EZMicroᵀᴹ    A4      
EZwaste® Adapter Guide    A4      
EZwaste® HD Solvent Waste System    A4        
EZwaste® UN/DOT Solvent Waste System    A4      
EZwaste® HPLC Caps    A4
Filter Pipette Tips    A4
George™ Roller Bottles
GL45 Caps and Adapters with VersaCap® Technology    A4
Glass Beakers    A4
Glass Bottles    A4
Glass Desiccators    A4
Glass Filtration Assemblies    A4
Glass Funnels    A4
Glass Petri Dishes    A4
Glass Pipettes    A4
Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles   A4      

Last Drop Filter Pipette Tips


Low Retention Pipette Tips

Micro Centrifuge Tips    A4
Olga™ Povitsky Culture Bottles
Pipette Tips    A4
PUREGRIP® Glass Aspirator Bottles
PUREGRIP® Carboys    
PUREGRIP® Glass Bottles    A4      
PUREGRIP® Glass Erlenmeyer Flasks    A4      

Serological Pipettes

Vactrap2ᵀᴹ    A4  
Vactrap2ᵀᴹ R
Vactrapᵀᴹ G    A4
Vactrapᵀᴹ XL    A4      
Vent Filters   A4
VersaCap® EZ Top® Fluid Transfer    A4      
VersaCap® Filling and Venting    A4      
VersaCap®, VersaBarb®, and Spigots    A4      
Volumetric Flasks    A4