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Borosil® Reusable Class A Serological Pipettes are graduated using a permanent amber treatment that will not blur, wear, or wash off even after long-term use. Each pipette is individually calibrated by automatic, laser-controlled calibration equipment in an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited calibration facility. Each Borosil® Pipette is engraved with a unique individual serial number, which can be used to download an individual certificate by visiting Borosil's website, Borosil.com, or by downloading the Borosil app onto a smarthphone or tablet.

Manufactured with sturdy, consistent wall thickness, Borosil® Pipettes are reusable and mechanically strong. Uniform inner bore diameter throughout each pipette ensures accuracy between different readings. Bevel ground tips resist chipping. Pipettes can be autoclaved and, if necessary, flame-sterilized. Borosil® Serological Pipettes are graduated for delivery from the zero mark to the tip, without "blowing out" the small amount remaining in the tip after dispensing.

Borosil® Class A Serological Pipettes comply with ASTM 1293-02 specifications. Available in sizes ranging from 1mL to 25mL. 1mL size available in two different graduation intervals