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Borosil® Separatory Funnels with Traditional Stopcocks offer scientists the reliability, durability, and quality of Borosil® Glassware in an essential laboratory tool. Primarily used in chemical separation steps, Borosil® Separatory Funnels have the added benefit of a self-lubricating, replaceable PTFE stopcock that does not require grease or lubrication in order to achieve fine, smooth control of flow. Glass pennyhead stoppers are included. These separatory funnels are exactly what scientists expect from a separatory funnel.

For the best performance in the world, check out Borosil® Boroflo Screw-Thread Separatory Funnels (Product Family 6402), which replace the traditional stopcock with a threaded PTFE key that provides the smoothest and finest flow control available today.

Borosil® Separatory Funnels comply with DIN/ISO 4800 specifications. 60mL and 125mL options are not covered in DIN/ISO standards. Available in sizes ranging from 60mL to 2L.