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BioProcess Caps and Gaskets

Foxx Life Sciences offers a high-grade line of caps and adapters in a variety of sizes. VersaCap® technology provides a secure grip and easy opening/closing without the twisting of tubes. All VersaCap® Products fit our EZfil® carboys and other media containers. Our products are used in the research, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries.

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Products List: BioProcess Caps which includes 38-430 Caps and Adaptors, GL45 Glass Caps and Adapters, GL45 Plastic Caps and Adapters, 45mm Caps, 51S Caps and Adapters, 53B Caps and Adapters, 570 Caps and Adapters, 83B Caps and Adaptors, 120mm Caps and Adapters, Fluid Transfer Caps, Filling and Venting Closures, Powder Cap with 4” Tri-Clamp, EZWaste® HPLC Caps, HPLC ChromCap™ Assemblies.