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Foxx Life Sciences

Located just 32 miles from Boston, Foxx Life Sciences is a privately-held world leader in custom single-use systems (SUS) including tubing, bag, bottle, flask and carboy assemblies, filtration, fluid management, laboratory safety products, and glassware for the research, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries.

With a focus on quality (ISO 13485 since 2010) and our certified ISO Class 7 cleanrooms, Foxx is the perfect partner for your next single-use custom assembly. Foxx holds a wide variety of product patents that allow us to offer highly-competitive products for cost-sensitive projects in an extremely short timeline.

From 2008-2011, the company launched Autofil vacuum filtration line, EZGrip Carboys from 2.5L-75L, and a wide range of patented caps with Versacap technology.

From 2013-2015, the company launched flasks, heavy duty vacuum bottles, and media bottles. We also launched the EZWaste Solvent HPLC Waste System, a wide range of syringe filters, cell strainers, die cut membranes, patented mixing technologies, and DOT tight head containers from 10L to 60L.

In 2016, EZBio single-use bag, bottle, cap, carboy, flask lines, and custom tubing sets were launched for the pharmaceutical market. All these products are assembled in our new state of the art ISO 13485 Class 7 Certified cleanroom.

Between 2017-2018, Foxx launched the world's first PP vacuum funnel with GL45mm threads. In addition, the Vactrap line of vacuum bottle systems was launched in a variety of sizes, & a new microbiology filter funnel monitor. Foxx also completed a long term agreement with Borosil for the exclusive supply of custom, private-labeled, and Borosil labeled glassware in North America. We now have over 600 Products in stock in the USA. The company also launched the patented PUREGRIP line of glass bottles, flasks & carboys, HPLC upstream and downstream solutions.