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Erlenmeyer Borosilicate Glass Flasks

Borosil® and Foxx PUREGRIP® Erlenmeyer Flasks are manufactured with uniform wall thickness, making them perfect for heating applications that require evenly distributed heat. The classic conical shape promotes effective mixing, and the beaded rim confers maximum durability and resistance to cracking and chipping. Made from the same stress-free, mechanically strong borosilicate as other Borosil® Glassware, these flasks are intended for long-term use. Easy to read graduations and a convenient marking spot for labeling further improve the functionality of these essential lab tools. 

Available in sizes ranging from 10mL to 5L. The 10mL option does not have graduations. Borosil® Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flasks comply with ISO/DIN 1773 specifications, with the exception of the 10mL, 125mL, and 150mL options.