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PUREGRIP® Erlenmeyer Flasks

PUREGRIP® Erlenmeyer Flasks are easier to open, close, pick up, hold, and carry. A frosted surface on the top of the VersaCap® allows for convenient labeling with a felt tip marker. A large enamel writing surface on the flask is also included for additional marking. Flasks are extremely resistant to rapid changes in temperature, and the GL45 VersaCap® offers the highest temperature rating in the world for a polypropylene cap, 142°C. A natural polypropylene pouring ring allows for safe, drip-free emptying.

PUREGRIP® Erlenmeyer Flasks are suitable for storing and transporting media, buffers, serum, solvents, and other materials. The uniform wall thickness and conical shape mean that PUREGRIP® Flasks can also be used in heating, stirring, shaking, and mixing applications. Each PUREGRIP® Flask is printed with a unique Retrace Code, and all parts are certified USP Class VI. Flasks, caps, and pouring rings are fully autoclavable. Available in sizes ranging from 250mL to 5L.

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