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Glass Stirrers

Borosil® Polished Glass Solid Stirring Rods are constructed from smooth, low-expansion, low-extractable borosilicate glass. Their mechanical strength and excellent thermal shock resistance, coupled with their outstanding chemical compatibility, makes them the perfect general use stirrer for all manner of stirring and mixing applications.

Borosil® Glass Stirrers are available in two widths: 7mm and an Extra-Wide 9mm. Each width is available in four lengths, from the Short Length 150mm to the Extra Large Length 305mm.

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Borosil® Glass Stirrer 7*205 MM Borosilicate glass CS/20 $21.20 $27.44
Borosil® Glass Stirrer 9*255 MM Borosilicate glass CS/20 $42.41 $54.88

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