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Bottles, Carboys, and Jerrycans

Foxx Life Sciences has a wide range of bottles, carboys, and jerrycans that can be used for all our customer needs. Different product lines are offered for different demands and include EZLabPure™, EZClear®, Autofil®, PUREGRIP®, SECUREgrasp®, and VersaBarb®. Products are offered in a variety of materials (like HDPE, PP, PC, and PETG) as well as a variety of sizes. 

All Foxx laboratory carboys and bioprocess carboys are BPA-free and are made from a USP Class VI material and are FDA Grade for optimum protection of assets. Foxx also offers Carboy Mixers that are used to mix components to create homogeneous liquid mixtures. Explore all options below.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please email us at sales@foxxlifesciences.com or call 1-603-890-3699.

Product List: Aspirator Bottles, Storage Bottles, Centrifuge Bottles, Carboys, Erlenmeyer Flasks, Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles, HPLC Solvent Resevoirs, Carboy Mixers, PUREGRIP® Carboys, Media Bottles, Secondary Containers, Tight-Heads / Jerrycans, Versabarb® & Spigots