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Serological Pipettes

Borosil® brand Pipettes are made of specially-selected, heavy wall, machine-drawn, borosilicate accurate, bore glass tubing. They have precision formed jets, and bevel ground ends that resist chipping. The graduations are made in durable white enamel or amber stain that is resistant to laboratory reagents and repeat washing. All Pipettes are individually measured and then marked. The uniformity of bore ensures accuracy between any two readings and they are autoclavable. The Class B Serological Pipettes comply with IS EN ISO 835. The Class A Serological Pipettes comply with ASTM 1293-02 and are designed to last long. These pipettes are graduated for delivery from the zero mark to the tipPermanent amber stain is diffused into the surface of the glass for markings for better visibility and durability. Comes with Individual Certificate.