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EZFil® 120mm Powder Cap with Closed Adapter Welded 4” TC, Gamma Sterilized

Foxx Life Sciences

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EZFil® 120mm Powder Cap with Closed Adapter Welded 4” TC, Gamma Sterilized


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Made in Usa


Upgrade Your Lab Equipment with Leak-Proof EZFil® 120mm by Foxx Life Sciences

Foxx Life Sciences consistently provides quality products through continuous improvement and delivers innovative solutions. In line with our commitment to innovation, we present the EZFil® Powder Cap.

The EZFil® Powder Cap features a welded 4” Tri-Clamp fitting, providing a sanitary, enclosed connection. This closed design allows for seamless powder transfer while reducing expenses by mitigating spillage of costly media and improving formula preparation timing.

Made in Usa
  • Heavy-duty, high strength, chemical and corrosion resistant, 316L stainless steel
  • Mirror polish on inner and outer surfaces
  • Fully welded to remove crevices and dead spaces
  • Meets or exceeds all requirements for GMP and FDA
  • Made from USP Class VI materials
  • Leak-proof with replaceable platinum-cured silicone gasket
  • Made from PP, which may be autoclaved at 15 PSI and 121°C (250°F) for 20 minutes
item value
Manufacturer Foxx Life Sciences
Brand EZFil®
Quantity 1/EA
Cap Size 120mm
Adapter/Cap Type Welded 4" TC with Gamma Sterilized
Cap Style Close
Cap Material Polypropylene

EZFil® Powder Cap Data Sheet

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