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Avoid EPA Fines: Are you in Compliance?

It's essential to keep your facility in compliance with EPA regulations, which include the storage, labeling and disposal of hazardous wastes. A few important considerations are:
  • Hazardous wastes must be properly labeled
  • Hazardous wastes must be stored properly ( 25+ gallons of Class 1A flammables in a flammable storage cabinet, for example.) OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106(e)(2)(ii)(b)
  • Incompatible hazardous wastes cannot be stored together. (Store acids in an acid cabinet and flammables in a flammable cabinet, for example.)
  • Hazardous wastes must be disposed of properly (including proper labeling for the disposal company.)
  • Certain hazardous wastes released by facilities must be declared annually under the federal TRI Program.
  • Waste Containers must be contained in a compliant secondary container in case of breakage or leakage. 40 CFR 264.175

Read the EPA article "Managing Laboratory Hazardous Waste for Academic Laboratories and institutions" (PDF)

Click below to access the most up to date version of the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations:
Title 40: Protection of Environment