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Olga™ Povitsky Cell Culture Bottle

Foxx Life Sciences in collaboration with BOROSIL® has developed its own variation of the Povitsky bottle, the Olga™ Povitsky Culture Bottle. Foxx named “Olga” after designer name Dr. Olga R. Povitsky with the leading quality of 3.3 Borosilicate Type 1 Glass. This quality glassware is manufactured from USP Type 1, ASTM E-438/Type I/Class A borosilicate glass that scientists have come to trust. The Olga™ Povitsky Culture Bottles are highly resistant to thermal shock, with an industry-leading maximum temperature rating of 142°C. The Olga™ bottles have rectangular cross-sections with an offset rimmed neck. These bottles can be stacked, reducing the incubator space needed. The Olga™ Povitsky Culture Bottle was designed for the preparation of toxins, mold growth, and general tissue culture work. Safety, versatility, and ease of use can all be found in Foxx Life Sciences glass bottles.

Dr. Olga R. Povitsky of the New York State Department of Health designed the distinctive rectangular bottle that bears her name, originally in a 2-liter size, for cultivating diphtheria toxin for the production of diphtheria toxoid vaccine. Uniquely made of Pyrex by Corning Glass, the Povitsky bottle was able to withstand repeated wet or dry sterilization and could be re-used many times. The “Povitsky” culture bottle was a key element in Canadian technology developed in the early 1950s that enabled the Salk polio vaccine to be produced on a large scale. A number of Povitsky bottles have retained in the artifact collection of Sanofi Pasteur Canada’s Connaught Campus in Toronto.