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Brewtainers Homebrew Carboys

Brewtainers homebrew carboys are designed to provide users with a highly versatile container that maximizes storage efficiency and ease of use. The distinctive rectangular shape saves valuable space, while large handles on top and molded grips in the base provide a full, secure grip to make lifting, handling, and pouring easy. The optional wide neck allows the user the ability to reach inside the carboy for easier cleaning.
Made from FDA approved materials which are safe for food contact and should have no impact on the quality or taste of your brew. These carboys won’t shatter like glass could and are available in several plastic types including transparent PETG to provide the ability to monitor your brew. Our polypropylene and HDPE carboys come in both Natural and highly opaque Amber to protect your developing brew from the negative effects of light. Many of our carboys also come with our locking Spigot which was designed to hold up to harsh Laboratory conditions without leakage to remove the need for syphoning.
Nothing beats home brewing your own cider, beer or wine. DIY today!