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Laboratory Filtration and Membranes

Foxx Life Sciences is an innovator in laboratory filtration technology field. Laboratory Filtration is an integral part of almost every Laboratory protocol. Filtration is a method that permits the fluid to pass through a membrane and retains the solid particles. Either the clarified fluid or the solid particles removed from the fluid can be the product of interest.  

Applications for filtration systems:

Laboratory filter membranes are key elements in a variety of separation applications including basic laboratory research, development, pharma and biopharmaceutical laboratories.  From pre-filtration, sample clarification, particle sampling and analysis, analytical sample filtration, solvent filtration, sterilizing filtration, and other biological and environmental applications Foxx Life Sciences combines engineering expertise with application knowledge. Our innovative membrane filtration systems and devices are manufactured with USP Class VI components and ensure contamination free efficient and Trouble-free purification and filtration.

Filtration products offered by Foxx Life Sciences:

Foxx Life Sciences offers a wide variety of filtration products including Bottle Top Filters, centrifuge filters, membrane discs, syringe filters, vent filters, traditional glass filtration systems and next generation vacuum filtration assemblies.

Product List:

Autofil® Bottle Top Vacuum Filters, Autofil® PP Bottle Top Vacuum Filters, Autofil® SS Bottle Top Vacuum Filters, Autofil® 2 Bottle-Top Vacuum Filters, Autofil® Centrifuge Vacuum Filters, EZFlow® Syringe Filters, EZFlow® Disc Filters, EZFlow® Cell Strainers, Glass Filtration Assemblies, and custom Assemblies.

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