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PUREGRIP® Glass Media Bottles

The PUREGRIP® family of GL45 threaded Glass Media Bottles represent the first magnificent step in Foxx Life Sciences collaboration with Borosil Laboratory Glass. This collaboration combines the top quality Borosil® 3.3% borosilicate glassware with the innovative, user-focused designs of Foxx Life Sciences. 

PUREGRIP® glass bottles offer a huge array of improvements to researchers' everyday experiences. From large writing surfaces and visible graduations, to a cap that changes the very feeling of holding a vessel, while including our patented VersaCap® made from Class VI, Animal Free, Polypropylene. This new family provides users with the bottles and flasks they’ve always asked for—without the expensive price tag they might expect. 

Safety, versatility and ease of use can all be found in our line of Foxx PUREGRIP® glass media bottles. Utilize Puregrip® glass media bottles at your research, biotech, or  pharmaceutical workplace today.