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Heavy Duty Bottles - A Better Vacuum Trap

Heavy Duty Bottles Safety Vacuum Traps

Vacuum traps are a fundamental in protecting your vacuum system from being exposed to all sorts of media. Despite their importance, they are typically neglected by lab personnel and their managers.

Foxx's line of Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles are designed to specifically withstand full vacuum for 24 hours. They are made from high-quality, USP Class VI resin and molded thick for additional support. It is quality that you can feel in its construction.

Glass flasks can become brittle over time.  They are  easy to break, and can be a safety hazard in the laboratory. How many times have you seen a flask with a glass barb that is either chipped or broken? One bad slip, and you can badly cut your hand. That's why Foxx's Heavy Duty bottles use our patented VersaCap technology. It makes switching out different types of hose barbs easy, while being sturdier than glass, and nearly impossible to break.


foxx hd versus flask vacuum trap


Where printed markings might wear off over time, our bottles have information molded in to make it easy to identify both size and material. We offer them in four different materials: Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, PETG, and HDPE. They are also available in three different sizes: 1L, 2L, and 4L. This means you can buy a size that fits right in your area with a material that is compatible with your media!


dirty flask


Make the switch today and never worry about squalid flasks as your vacuum trap!

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