Foxx Life Sciences Celebrates New Facility in Salem, NH! (8-6-2015)
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Foxx Life Sciences Celebrates New Facility in Salem, NH! (8-6-2015)

Salem, NH - On Thursday, August 6th the Salem Chamber of Commerce hosted an Open House and Ribbon Cutting ceremony at 6 Delaware Drive, Salem, New Hampshire for Foxx Life Sciences.  Foxx Life Sciences is focused on manufacturing the most innovative filtration and fluid management products at the lowest costs to Research, Biotech, and Pharmaceutical customers. This was the New Hampshire company’s third move in just three years. The majority of their products are designed, developed and manufactured in United States! 

“We were happy to launch the new Autofil SS product line for cell culture sterilization to the public at this event. The next generation laboratory filter is two to four times faster than the competition and provides excellent throughput at a lower price,” stated Tom Taylor, President and CEO of the company.  Last month the company launched a new laboratory solvent waste line named EZwaste DOT designed to greatly improve air quality in the labs. “We are focused on lab safety and providing researchers unique products that greatly improve performance and efficiency,” remarked Taylor.

The open house was a huge success with over 150 people attending with lots of food, drinks, and activities. Some of the guest traveled as far as California, Arizona, Georgia and Michigan to participate in the event. Foxx Life Sciences sells Biotech products all over the world to a wide variety of distributors and end-users.

“Our products start with a series of observational studies and focus groups with Universities, Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies. After months of research, we are able to provide highly innovative and superior quality products that are cost-effective,” stated Brian Abbott, Engineering Manager at Foxx Life Sciences.

Taylor founded the company and was almost out of money in early 2008 during the economic downturn.  He was able to establish a joint venture with NASCAR’s Jack Roush of RoushFenway Racing in October of 2008. With the funding from Roush, the company was then renamed Roush Life Sciences and major investments were made in a wide variety of new biotech products. Taylor then purchased one-hundred percent of the assets of Roush Life Sciences in December of 2013. The company name was changed to Foxx Life Sciences and the location, products, patents, equipment, tooling, and the majority of the people remained the same. Over the past one and half years, Taylor, with the support of Bank of America, has expanded the facilities and doubled the amount of employees in New Hampshire.

“The growth has been amazing and we are looking forward to the future of the company,” remarked Matthew Taylor, Finance Manager.

The company is located in Salem, NH and just 32 miles north of Boston, Biotech capital of the world. With over 800 product SKUs and a wide variety of patents, Foxx is a leader in filtration and fluid management products for research, biotech, and pharmaceutical markets. You can also see the large selection of the laboratory products at on your phone, tablet or computer.