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Employee Spotlight: Eknath Kulkarni, The Man Who Believes in Reigning the Chaos with Skilful Innovation

Eknath Kulkarni


Eknath Kulkarni was born in Maharashtra, India and pursued master’s in information technology from Rivier University, USA. Incidentally, he relocated to the United States with his family and got associated with Foxx Life Sciences. He directed the product management division and shared the same vision as Tom, the President and CEO of Foxx Life Sciences. Foxx, with the commitment of Eknath, extended their operations to Asia Pacific region with India, being their headquarters. 

Foxx Life Science APAC Headquarter

Foxx Life Science India is ready to serve the customers in APAC region


2019 was a year of momentous events that caused the world to gradually shift from fast forward to a sluggish mode, then virtually come to a complete stop for a while. Never let obstacles deter a pursuer! In Hyderabad, India, the APAC headquarters of a global innovation organization was starting to take shape under the deliberate direction of two business leaders, Tom Taylor and Eknath. 

With the help of the India-US cooperation and increased efficiency, the new facility aims to improve service quality. Thanks to Eknath and his team's tenacity and unceasing efforts, this vision is now becoming a reality.

Foxx Life Sciences APAC Headquarter Launch

Official launch of Foxx Life Science Facility in India 


Another wave of innovation, under the guidance of Eknath Kulkarni, Managing Director, Foxx Life Sciences began, this time in India. Over the years, the campus expanded as the people grew. Our organization is now catering to global product requirements with precision and perseverance. 

Under the direction of Eknath Kulkarni, Managing Director of Foxx Life Sciences, a new era of invention started, this time in India. The campus grew over time as the population did. Our company is presently diligently and precisely meeting the demands for products around the world. 

 The man who envisioned this along with the man who made this happen! 

Foxx Life Sciences CEO and Managing Director

 Eknath Kulkarni, Alice Taylor, Tom Taylor, (Left to Right) 

Foxx Life Sciences pledges to offer all of its esteemed clients the best goods with the shortest lead times. We look forward to taking part in the production of life-saving pharmaceuticals and biologicals because we are innovation leaders. 

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