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Single-Use-Systems and its Benefits in Biotherapeutics Manufacturing

Applications of Single Use Systems


Single-use systems, are designed for use through the entire production process of a single batch of therapeutics and then discarded. The adaptation of single-use technologies reduces product cross contamination risks by eliminating the need for expensive cleaning and validation between batches. Assembled in a Class 7 cleanroom, double bagged and then sterilized by gamma, sterilization 10ˉ6, these systems ensure every batch is a sterile system. Single-use Systems are highly efficient and cost effective.


Vaccines manufacturing unit


Foxx Life Sciences as a leading manufacturer of Single Use Systems


Foxx Life Sciences®’ Single-Use Biopharmaceutic processing and Single-Use Systems include a broad range of products developed by our Biomedical engineering staff and/or with customer collaboration.  Engineering solutions in support of customer needs has driven the success of Foxx’s Single-Use business.  Foxx Single-Use products strictly adhere to ISO 13485 Certification guidelines and are assembled in ISO Class 7 (10k) Certified Cleanrooms to ensure cleanliness and quality of products.  All material used in assemblies are UPS Class VI certified. Completed projects have validation packages documenting of the entire production process, including, Batch Records, COCs for each component and Finished Goods Records.

Foxx Life Sciences®’ Single Use Biopharmaceutical processing and Single Use Systems are used in a wide range of production applications, including vaccine production, therapeutic protein processing, monoclonal Antibody therapeutics, blood components, and Fermentations products. Foxx Single use products are well suited for scale down biologic manufacturing process a key trend in biologic Active Pharma Ingredients (APIs).


Foxx Life Sciences is known as a world leader in custom Single-Use Systems (SUS) including tubing, bag, bottle, flask, needle and carboy assemblies, as well as filtration, fluid management, laboratory safety products, and glassware.


Single use product portfolio - custom made and made to order


Products for Biotherapeutics Research and Manufacturing


Foxx Life Sciences® Single-Use Bioprocess Products are design variants of the EZBio® Single-Use Assembly product line, perfected for fluid transfer, dilution, mixing and storage. All assemblies take advantage of Foxx’s patented VersaCap® technology which means there is no unnecessary tangling of tubing during set-up or use.

Also offered are large library of custom assemblies, filling/venting products, sanitary clamps, and EZTop® fluid transfer caps.

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