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Foxx Life Sciences and Borosil Glass Works Ltd. Announce Long-Term Exclusive Partnership for North America


Last month at Pittcon 2018, Foxx Life Sciences (“Foxx”) and Borosil Glass Works Limited (“Borosil”) officially announced a long-term agreement covering North America, wherein Foxx Life Sciences will act as the exclusive supplier of Borosil Glass Works’ extensive catalog of premium laboratory glassware.

“Borosil is excited to offer its products to the customers in the United States.  We think Foxx Life Sciences has the right customer relationships to leverage what we do,” said Vinayak Patankar, Vice President of Borosil. “The combination of Borosil’s world-class products and Foxx’s innovative technologies will usher in a new era of user-focused and quality-driven laboratory glassware across many disciplines,” said Thomas Taylor, President and CEO of Foxx Life Sciences.

The partnership of Foxx and Borosil will offer scientists a unique combination of affordability and quality, with Borosil’s entire catalog of premium laboratory glassware being held in stock in the United States for the first time. In addition to the distribution of Borosil’s full existing laboratory glassware catalog, the agreement will provide customers with new developments such as PUREGRIP™ Glass Bottles, which combine Borosil’s popular 3.3 borosilicate bottles with Foxx’s new patented GL45 VersaCap technology to improve user safety and ergonomics. Foxx will retain global exclusivity (except for India) regarding the distribution of all PUREGRIP™ GL45 glass bottles, amber bottles, and flasks.

Founded in 1962 by Corning Glass Works, Borosil is the leading Indian manufacturer of high-quality laboratory glassware.  Widely popular with scientists in over 50 countries, Borosil is known for inspiring passionate brand loyalty. Foxx Life Sciences, located just 32 miles north of Boston in Salem, NH, has rapidly become a leader in the fields of filtration, fluid management, safety, and single-use.  Known for bringing disruptive innovation to everyday laboratory tools, this privately-held company has garnered recognition for their creativity and aggressive growth in the Laboratory and Bioprocess markets. Together, Foxx and Borosil will cater to the North American and European markets with a focus towards enhancing the user experience of scientists across several industries.

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