Foxx Life Sciences Ranked #3 Fastest Growing Business in NH
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Foxx Life Sciences Ranked #3 Fastest Growing Business in NH

Foxx Life Sciences' management would like to congratulate the amazing Foxx employees for being ranked 3rd Fastest growing business in New Hampshire (3 Year Annual Avg)! 

Foxx moved up from 9th Fastest last year in New Hampshire. Foxx Life Sciences has now grown 40 percent or more “per year” 8 out of the past 9 years. Even with the major COVID-19 challenge and difficult academic situation, Foxx is still trying to make it 9 out of the past 10 years in 2020. But we need your help!

Check out our over 3,000 products including BioProcess Single-Use, New MTO Single-Use, Fluid Management, Filtration, Lab Safety, Stainless Steel, Abdos Labware, Borosil Glassware, Ami Polymer Tubing, CPC Connectors, and much more on Foxx distributes a wide range of Indian products and get ready for our first announcement on our first international location!

What is your guess with this Foxx location?


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