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NEW Foxx Collection Feature: Erlenmeyer Flasks

Erlenmeyer Flasks are cone-shaped laboratory flasks with a narrow neck. They are used to reduce evaporation and contamination by airborne bacterial, fungal, and chemical contaminants. Workers can store, heat, cool, mix, etc., liquids in these flasks. You most likely have seen one before on television or in a science lab, as they are extremely common!

These types of flasks make the process of mixing materials better because the products can be easily swirled without the risk of the contents spilling. Foxx Life Sciences offers plastic and glass beakers, but for this specific purpose, we offer our Erlenmeyer Flasks. Learn more about them below!

Foxx Life Sciences offers Glass Erlenmeyer Flasks by Borosil® and Foxx PUREGRIP®, as well as EZclear® Erlenmeyer Flasks. Although both products have the classic, cone-shape, their difference lies in the material they are made of. Our glass flasks are intended for long-term use and are made of mechanically strong borosilicate. The beaded rim confers maximum durability and resistance to cracking and chipping.

Our EZclear® flasks are made of polycarbonate and with this material, our customers are given the option of sterile or non-sterile. To learn more about our EZclear® Erlenmeyer flasks, take a look at the video below!

EZclear® flask video:

Our VersaCap® Erlenmeyer Flask Caps are compatible with a variety of adaptor inserts and are made of Class VI autoclavable polypropylene! Take a look at them here.

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