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NEW Foxx Collection Feature: George™ Roller Bottles

Article Written by Isabella Granara

Foxx Life Sciences’ NEW George™ Roller Bottle is now available in 2L and 4L capacities and provides the simplest means to cell culturing. First developed by George Gey in the 1970’s, the roller bottle utilizes the roller tube method, which essentially utilizes the entire interior surface of the culture tube to ensure cell tissue growth. Foxx’s George™ Roller Bottle not only provides the simplest means for cell culturing, but also makes the cell culture process easily scalable.

The design of roller bottles is ever changing, and Foxx Life Sciences’ new, innovative design ensures optimal cell culture performance. George™ Roller Bottles are constructed with 3.3 borosilicate glass. This type of glass has very low coefficients of thermal expansion, meaning it is more resistant to thermal shock and can withstand varying temperatures without fracturing. It also ensures optical clarity, interior surface smoothness, and the absence of glass imperfections.

Foxx’s George™ Roller Bottle design has a wider mouth opening for easier access to the inside of the bottle, whether that be for removing cells or cleaning. The design has a GL45 threaded cap with VersaCap® technology that guarantees stable transport and prevents slipping and breakage of the bottle. It also eliminates tube twisting as customers thread the cap when in use. The wall thickness of the George™ Roller Bottle is 2.6 millimeters.

“The innovative roller bottle utilizes Foxx’s new patented GL45 SecureGrasp® technology.  The bottle can also be utilized with Foxx’s new patented GL45 Versacap® with up to 4 molded in adapters for tubing connections and the SUT market.” - stated Thomas Taylor, President & CEO 

The George™ Roller Bottle is autoclavable and complies with IS1388 EN ISO 4796-3. The stock keeping unit (SKU) number is conveniently visible on the side of the product. Foxx’s roller bottle design is essential in the cell culture industry because they are simple products to operate and provide the best results at a reasonable price.

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