International Women's Day Celebration at Foxx – Foxx Life Sciences
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International Women's Day Celebration at Foxx

Article Written by Isabella Granara

Women did not officially enter the workforce until 1920. That year, legislation was passed to provide women employment opportunities. Although this was the case, the majority of women still did not enter the labor force due to limited opportunities and the widespread sentiment against working women. As of 2020, there are over 75,000 women working in the United States, making up almost 47% of the workforce (

Women play a significant role in the success of Foxx Life Sciences! There are women present in nearly every department of Foxx and in their roles they are given equal opportunities, allowing them to share ideas and contribute in any way they are able to. Research shows that having more women in the workplace actually makes the organization a better place to work. A higher percentage of women in an organization also leads to more job satisfaction, more organizational dedication, more meaningful work, and less burnout. Note the Center for Creative Leadership’s three ways companies can help women in the workforce!

  1. Help employees find meaningful work that is enjoyable.
  2. Support remote workers!
  3. Give all genders equal opportunities to get promotions, raises, and develop their leadership skills.

CCL’s full white paper digs deeper into their research regarding women in the workplace. Diversity is extremely important at Foxx Life Sciences, as our team consists of individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds in facilities across the globe. Our success is largely due to the different backgrounds of our employees, as they bring new perspectives and ideas to keep Foxx at the forefront of innovation. Different types of people in an organization lead to improved productivity and creativity

Happy International Women’s Day to our wonderful employees at Foxx Life Sciences! Please know that the effort and work you put in every day does not go unnoticed. If you want to be part of our team, please review our current job openings listed here.

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