Quality at Foxx Life Sciences - NEW Video
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Quality at Foxx Life Sciences - NEW Video

Article Written by Isabella Granara

At Foxx Life Sciences, quality is the foundation to our success. Only two years after the company was founded in 2010, it established it’s ISO 13485 Quality Systems to ensure customers receive products that go above and beyond their expectations. It is absolutely critical, especially in the BioProcess Market, to understand the importance of high quality products. Most people know our company for innovation, delivery, and the confidence of receiving an order on time. However, we believe that customers should know that you can trust Foxx Life Sciences, as quality is number one. 

“As the director of the BioProcess Division here at Foxx Life Sciences, over the past five years, I have had the opportunity to meet customers all over the world,” stated Alice Molteni Taylor, Director of BioProcess Sales. “It was very rewarding to hear the positive feedback on how Foxx was able to earn their trust.”

CEO and President Thomas Taylor explains the Foxx Fast Track Program designed to ensure our customers’ quality standards are met. The sales team communicates the customer’s quality requirements to the internal team (engineers, quality departments, operational groups), who then imports that information into the fast track system in order to ensure customer satisfaction is met.  

“The Quality Department is absolutely critical to delivering high quality products that meet your customers’ expectations,” says Taylor. “Our team has got lots of experience and has spent a tremendous amount of time with USP 665 leachables and extractables, class 6 resins, gamma 10-6, VDmax validations, and, of course, IQC on critical components going into our custom assemblies and finished standard products. I’m super proud of our quality team.”

Pharmaceutical, biotech, CMO, and CROs all expect the same: quality products. Foxx Life Sciences’ customers not only demand quality but require it, and that’s why we choose to deliver. Foxx Life Sciences has constructed four new SUT (Single Use Technology) ISO Class 7 Cleanrooms with six full assembly lines. Our products are manufactured in North America using USP Class VI materials and ISO 13485 certified.

“Everything really begins and ends with quality,” says Mark Robillard, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing. “If you don’t have that in the pharmaceutical and bioprocess space, you are disqualified. I mean, it is table stakes to enter the business. One of the things that so impressed me about Foxx when I joined was the fact that the company was really formed with its roots, or deeply rooted, in quality.” 

Watch the entire video explaining quality on the Foxx Life Sciences YouTube Channel. Also take a look at other videos on our channel, including Foxx Life Sciences 10 Years of Innovation, Foxx Life Sciences - EZBio® MTO Bottle Assemblies, and Foxx Life Sciences - Autofil® 2.  

If you have any questions, please email us at sales@foxxlifesciences.com or call 1-603-890-FOXX (3699).

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