Foxx Life Sciences 2021 Summer Internship Program!
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Foxx Life Sciences 2021 Summer Internship Program!

(Pictured from left to right; Nolan Preble, Isabella Granara, and Kaitlyn Quinn)

Article Written by Isabella Granara

Immersive internships in any field of study are extremely important to any student’s career. Although classroom concepts are vital, internships create personal experiences that allow students to apply and develop these concepts in a professional setting. Foxx Life Sciences is constantly looking for new talent and new perspectives to bring into the workplace, and this summer we were lucky enough to have a pool of interns to help us out and offer extra sets of hands. Our student interns worked in many different departments, including marketing, engineering, and finance. Our interns are able to see how a professional setting looks and works in everyday practice.

“I am grateful to have had the opportunity to intern at Foxx”, says Kaitlyn Quinn, current Engineering Intern at Foxx and student at Endicott College. “Not only has it taught me so much about my field, but I have been able to see the process and teamwork needed from each department to grow and succeed as a company.”

Within their roles, our interns are able to take part in the collaborative, active, and fast-moving environment with those around them. We are extremely dedicated to our interns’ growth and attempt to give them the absolute best out of their experience. Prioritizing our interns and trusting them with work has proven to be extremely successful.

“I am so fortunate to have been able to intern at Foxx,” says Nolan Preble, current Foxx Engineering Intern and student at UMass Lowell. “Along with having great coworkers that cared about you, the staff at Foxx genuinely respected the interns and gave us important work. Everyone at Foxx is invested in seeing their interns grow in the workplace and in life.”

Today’s internship market is highly competitive with many students craving real world experience. Internships have the potential to be foundational to one’s career and goes beyond many interns’ expectations. Not only do they learn new skills, but they also build networks, strengthen their own person character, learn what they like/don’t like, and more.

“This summer I was able to meet and work with many different people—I’ve learned so many skills in just a short period of time,” says Isabella Granara, current Foxx Marketing Intern and student at Assumption University. “Foxx is a fast paced environment that forces you to learn quickly, but that’s something I’m really grateful for.”

Interning at Foxx is different because you are treated like a full team member. We encourage that all our interns share their opinions and collaborate with those around them. Our interns are very vital to our workplace and we wish them all the best as they head back to school this Fall.

Thank you and great job to the 2021 Intern Class, Foxx is so lucky to have you!

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