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The World's First Glass Carboy with an 83B Cap!

For the first time ever, Foxx Life Sciences is offering a glass carboy! Combining the quality of Borosil® glassware with Foxx’s innovative, user-focused patented designs, PUREGRIP® Glass Carboy offers a huge array of improvements to researchers’ everyday experience. From the industry's largest writing surfaces and visible graduations, to a cap that changes the very feeling of holding a vessel, this new family provides users with the Carboys they’ve always asked for—without the expensive price tag they might expect. Now available in 10L and 20L sizes!

VersaCap® Technology

PUREGRIP® Glass Carboys feature an 83B Polypropylene VersaCap®. These caps have replaceable platinum-cured silicone gaskets and provide the ultimate in top-connection flexibility. Open VersaCaps® is compatible with a variety of adapter inserts, enabling users to quickly change the top connections of each carboy or bottle to match their application needs. VersaCap® offers large handles with finger grips that allow for easy tightening and opening. All caps are Class VI and Animal Free.

Easy-To-Read Graduations

PUREGRIP® Glass Carboy volume, metric graduation and retrace code are clearly printed on the outside of the glass. As well as the largest enamel in the industry for labeling.

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