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Autofil® SS - The World's Most Advanced Bottle Top Filter

Autofil SS Bottle Top Filtration Laboratory Filtration Advancement

Foxx Life Sciences Autofil SS Fastest Lab Filter

Revolutionary Faster Filtration for Ultimate Lab Efficiency

Foxx Life Sciences Autofil® SS bottle-top filters have changed the way laboratory professionals work, as the most user-friendly system on the market. This top-of-the-line collection of SS Autofil® 1000mL bottle-top filters is designed for sterilization or clarification of aqueous laboratory fluids. With filters that are Gamma sterilized in the USA and feature a low protein binding, as well as a surfactant-free membrane.

The culmination of Autofil® SS involved eight different patents that marked significant advances compared to current filters. This includes: a docking station for easy vacuum engage/disengage, a lower center of gravity to prevent spills, a cap that reduces finger slipping, and several other patented features.

Many years ago we were approached by various labs who could not filter their media using traditional filters. We put on our thinking caps and worked with industry leaders to develop the fastest bottle top filter yet- the Autofil® SS.

When you combine this with the patented, exclusive features that made the original Autofil® great, you get the world's most advanced bottle-top filter.

          Autofil SS Versus Competitors

The results of our laboratory filtration studies were staggering. Autofil® SS features a performance increase of nearly 33% compared to other bottle-top filters. That means if you filter a case (12 units or 6 Liters of media) a day every working day for an entire year, you would save nearly a week and a half of filter time (~8+ days). When we used thicker, proprietary solutions, the difference between the filters was even more pronounced.

We are also aware that labs are sensitive to cost, which is why we have worked with our suppliers to drive down costs for the consumers. When you compare the list price of 0.2µm PES 500ml Full Assembly Autofil® SS to the equivalent Nalgene Rapid Flow, you save approximately $23.64 per case which is like getting 15% off each purchase!

When you combine great features, with great pricing, you get sensational products that disrupt industry status quo. That was exactly the goal with Autofil® SS. Better features. Better performance. Better price. 

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Autofil SS Bottletop Filter by Foxx Life Sceinces

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