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UN/DOT Container ,10L, HDPE, with Closed Cap

Foxx Life Sciences

UN/DOT Container ,10L, HDPE, with Closed Cap

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10L HDPE EZwaste® UN/DOT System is designed to be an affordable solution for liquid waste disposal. Our containers are made to be tough and durable. They are great for secure shipment and storage of liquid products. The UN/DOT container is available in 13.5L, 20L and 60L. Each comes with a 51 cap.

These containers can also be used in other industries including, but not limited to sanitation, chemical, agricultural and food. All raw materials used in our containers meet FDA Standards for food contact.

  • Made from HDPE
  • Meets UN 3H1 Standards
  • Available in 10, 13.5L, 20L, and 60L
  • Utilizes blow mold technology

  • Volume: 10L
  • Carboy Material: HDPE
  • Cap Material: HDPE
  • UN Rating: 3H1/Y1.8/100

UNDOT Container Datasheet

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