Foxx Life Sciences Launches New Innovative EZwaste HPLC Waste Manageme
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Foxx Life Sciences Launches New Innovative EZwaste HPLC Waste Management System

Salem, New Hampshire (January 8, 2014) – Foxx Life Sciences has expanded its innovative line of Next Generation EZgrip carboys again, with the new EZwaste HPLC waste management system.

​“This is a solution product for HPLC waste and it will improve the air quality in labs today. Universities and research companies now have an affordable closed loop system to handle liquid waste,” said Thomas F. Taylor, President and CEO of Foxx Life Sciences.

​The EZwaste system attaches to the EZgrip carboy allowing for a safe transport to solvent collection room. The system includes waste ports for tubing, sensor ports, and a replaceable carbon exhaust filter. The cap system is bundled with a 5 or 10 Liter EZgrip Carboy.“We now offer the first low cost closed loop liquid waste system with tube fittings and carbon filtration,” said Ruth Graff, VP of Operations for Foxx Life Sciences.

​Each system includes a carboy, two 83B VersaCaps (one open top with tubing adapters for waste collection and one closed top for safe transport). The tubing adapter has 4 ports for tubing waste (3.2mm OD), 2 ports for sensors, and 1 port for the carbon exhaust filter.
The new EZwaste system is available in following configurations:
332-2412-OEM: HPLC Bundle with 5L HDPE Carboy (no Spigot)
332-3412-OEM: HPLC Bundle with 10L HDPE Carboy (no Spigot)
330-0901-OEM: Replacement Exhaust Filter
330-0902-OEM: Replacement Fittings

​EZgrip PP and HDPE carboys are currently offered in 2.5 Liter, 5 Liter, 10 Liter, 20 Liter, 40 Liter, and 75 Liter (the world’s largest carboy).