Foxx Life Sciences Launches Six New Product Videos
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Foxx Life Sciences Launches Six New Product Videos

Salem, New Hampshire (November 28, 2014)—Foxx Life Sciences launched six new videos of their products to and YouTube. The six videos that have been launched are for the EZgrip™ Carboys, Autofil® bottle top vacuum filtration, EZwaste™ solvent waste systems, EZclear® Flasks, HD Bottles and Media Bottles. The purpose of these videos is not only to show features and benefits, but to promote the next generation product designs.


“We created these videos with the end users in mind. These are an effective way to get our name and product out there to companies who may not know what products we have,” said Aaron Sanchez, Marketing and Promotions Manager.


FLS created these short three minute videos to provide customers with a tutorial on the application and use of their products. Creating a three minute video versus a longer video keeps the viewer fully engaged throughout the entirety of the film.


“These videos have really helped our customers a lot. I have heard from many end users that the videos are very beneficial to them. It feels good to know that our hard work is paying off,” said Kayla Breton, Inside Sales Manager/International.


All 6 videos can be found on their YouTube channel at