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How are Carboys used in a Laboratory?

Carboy: How are Carboys used in a Laboratory? 

  1. Liquid Storage, Buffers, DDI Water, etc. 
  2. Mixing vessels for Buffers, Dyes, Organic Solutions 
  3. Liquid Dispensers for Buffers, Stop Solution, Wash Buffers  

Carboys are made of, glass or plastic, and are used for storing, mixing and dispensing solutions. They are used in a broad range of industries, from food and beverage, research or production laboratories and in pharmaceutical production. Carboys are available in a variety of volumes, and materials. From Crystal Clear Polycarbonate or PETG, to Amber HDPE or Dark Amber Polypropylene for light libel products. The material and volume are dictated by the solutions used and volume needed by the researcher. 


Why Foxx Life Sciences® carboys? 

    Foxx Life Sciences® has the widest range of carboys with sizes starting from 2.5L up to 75L. Materials include, glass, HDPE, PP, Clear PC, Clear PETG, Amber HDPE and Dark Amber PP. Foxx carries, both traditional round for mixing and space saving rectangular shapes. Most Foxx Carboys come with a leak proof 83B or 120mm VersaCap® for easy opening and closure.  


    Autoclaving polypropylene PP and polycarbonate Carboys 

    Sanitizing HDPE Carboys 

    If not purchasing a sterile carboy, both PP and PC can be sterilized by autoclaving.  

    First rinse the carboy with ddi water, to remove any debris, then place a small amount of water in the carboy and place the cap loosely on the carboy. Set the temperature to 120C and set the time for 20 minutes (Dry Cycle).   Upon completion of the cycle remove the carboy and place on the bench until cool, then tighten the cap. 

    For Bleach compatible HDPE Carboys y, you can sanitize it. This can be done by soaking it in a solution of bleach and water for 10 minutes, or by using a commercial sanitizer.  


    Single-Use Carboys 

    Foxx offers single-use carboys in the same volumes and material as non-Sterile products.  They are double bagged, and gamma sterilized. All Carboys these are made of UPS Class VI Material.  


    Single-Use Carboy Assemblies 

    Foxx offers single-use carboy assemblies in the same volumes and material as non-Sterile products.  The SS carboys come with an open VersaCap® a 2x Hose Barb Puck, TPE Tubing, PTFE Vent Filter and a plug.  Carboy Assemblies are double bagged, and gamma sterilized. All Carboys these are made of UPS Class VI Material.  


    Why Foxx products: 

    Foxx Life Sciences offers a wide range of carboys that can be used for all our customer needs. We not only provide carboys of different materials (PP, PC, HDPE, PETG, Amber HDPE, Dark Amber PP and glass), and also provide custom carboy assemblies for sterile use.  All carboys are made with USP Class VI materials. 


    • Large Grip handles for ergonomic transport 
    • 15% Head Space for dilutions 
    • Moulded in graduation marks 
    • Moulded in Material identification mark 
    • Moulded in Volume 
    • Moulded in Autoclavable Identifier 
    • 84B or 120mm VersaCap® 

    Carboys are a versatile and useful tool for laboratories, especially in upstream and downstream processing. Foxx Life Sciences offers carboys in both rectangular (space saving) and traditional (round) shapes. Foxx Life Sciences® has the largest selection of Carboys in both materials, and also volumes, if you do not see what you want at Foxx it more than likely is not available anywhere. 

    If you have any questions or inquiries, please email us at or call 1-603-890-3699.