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Product Development

Product development solutions from start to finish

Are you designing a laboratory component, medical device, or complex healthcare equipment?  From end-user research and concept development through product design, functional testing, and implementation, Foxx provides comprehensive product development solutions for turnkey development programs.  Our complete in-house capabilities streamline the product development process.  For you, the efficiencies gained ensure projects are completed on time with minimal cost.

We apply over 30 years of experience in mechanical engineering, electrical systems engineering, and NVH engineering to the development of precisely crafted products that will meet your exact requirements.

Our product development capabilities include:
• Product strategy
• End-user research
• Industrial engineering
• CAD modeling and detailing to simulation
• Finite element analysis
• End-user testing 
• Mechanical engineering 
• Functional testing 
• Reliability engineering 
• Prototyping 
• Testing and certification support


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