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EZFlow®, Replacement Filter Flask, 500mL


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    EZFlow®, Replacement Filter Flask, 500mL
    EZFlow®, Replacement Filter Flask, 500mL
    $41.25 USD
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EZflow® Replacement Filter Flask is the replacement part for our EZflow® Glass filtration Assemblies. Each unit comes with one 500mL filter flask.

Foxx Life Science EZflow® Glass Filtration is great for filtration of particulate contamination. Our assemblies feature an all glass assembly that is made from high quality ingredients. It includes a flask, funnel cup, membrane holder, and an aluminum clamp. Our glass filtration has high resistant to acid, chlorine bromine, iodine and organic substances. Due to its resistance to heat, corrosion, and thermal shock, our glass filtration can be used in many applications. 


  • Material: Glass
  • Volume: 500mL
  • Overall Dimensions: 4.5" L x 4.5" W x 7.0" H


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