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"The Botanical Friends Bud and Mary Jane" - Botanical Plush Toy Collection


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    "The Botanical Friends Bud and Mary Jane" - Botanical Plush Toy Collection
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Both Handy Horticulturists will thrill any 420 enthusiast! 

Bud grew up on a small farm outside of Portland, Oregon. After sneaking into the farmhouse and reading a science book, he realized he loved science as much as he loved his plants. As he got older, Bud's love for horticulture brought him to the big city, where he found out he could use his talents in science and cultivation in one place! Now Bud runs a fancy hydroponics lab, growing medicine, and helping people to not worry and to be happy. He works in department 420 and delights everyone he meets with his special little lab coat, blond mohawk and sample leaf in his hand.

Mary Jane grew up in the hustle and bustle of San Francisco. Surrounded by science and industry, she quickly fell in love with chemistry. She was so good at it that soon enough, she was running a whole testing lab with tons of other rats. Lucky for her, she found out she could use chemistry to help people! Now, she spends every day working hard, using her chemistry smarts to make sure that everyone's medicine is clean, healthy and safe. Mary Jane can always be spotted wearing a chique white lab coat, sporting a stylish black ponytail and holding a sample leaf in her hand.

And then, they meet...Mary Jane and Bud met at a trade show and it was love at first site! Bud was setting up his hydroponic displays when he looked across the isle and saw Mary Jane's chemistry samples. He went over to check it out, and was surprised when Mary Jane popped up from behind the table. They began talking, made plans for after the show and the rest is history! Surprise someone with these little lab buddies today! Each Lab Rat plush toy comes with their own story. Fun gift for science and cannabis enthusiasts, alike!

Botanical Plush Toy Collection Includes;

  • Mary Jane - The Brilliant Botanist
  • Bud - The Handy Horticulturist

Great gift for;

  • The Handy Horticulturist!
  • Hydroponics lab workers!
  • Chemistry and cannabis enthusiasts!
  • Anyone who needs to not worry and to be happy!  

Bud and Mary Jane the Lab Rat Cannabis Horticulturists Duo


Care instructions: Surface washable. Simply sponge with a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Allow to air dry, then brush to restore fabric to its original fullness.

Material: Polyester, fiber fill.

Color: Brown fur, white lab coat, green shoes and shirt. Bud has yellow hair and Mary Jane has black hair.

Size: approximately 6.5" Tall each

For ages: 3 and up

UPC/GTIN: 649558231117 (Bud) 649558231124 (Mary Jane)

SKUs/Product Numbers: LRT011 (Both) includes: LRT007 (Bud) LRT008 (Mary Jane) 

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