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EZBio®pure PFA Bottles

EZBiopure PFA Media Bottles

Foxx Life Science’s Fluoropolymer (PFA) bottles are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry process stream, for storage and transfer of pharmaceutical solutions.  Fluoropolymers are perfectly suited to process applications due to their chemical inertness, wide working temperature range (-200°C to 260°C) and cleanliness. Stringent laboratory requirements, on cleanliness, clean manufacturing, combined with the need for excellent product quality, lot traceability, complete product validation, EZBio®pure PFA Bottles offer the ultimate solution for containment, storage and shipment of highly valued products/media.

EZBio®pure PFA Bottles, non-cytotoxic, USP Class VI compliant, and manufactured in a Class 7 clean room from the highest purity grades of virgin PFA resin, they are inert to virtually every chemical used in life science applications. With nearly zero extractable, our PFA bottles have low coefficient of friction, meaning no adhesion to biological materials, and an inherent resistance to bioburden and biofilm.  Foxx Life Sciences PFA bottles are made of a very unique and translucent almost to the point of being transparent., These bottles ideally suited for contents that need final inspection.

Each bottle comes with a seal tested; leak-proof 33mm cap made from the same resin as the bottles. EZBio®pure PFA Bottles are available in a wide range of sizes, 50mL, 100mL, 500mL, 1L & 2L.  These highly specialized bottle can go from cryo storage to a water bath with out an issue.  It is designed to be easy to grip with gloved hands and the sloped shoulder allows for easy pouring.

  • USP Class VI Resin
  • Particulate- Free
  • Animal-free perfluoroalkoxy (PFA resin
  • Autoclavable

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