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EZMicro™ Microbiological Monitors

Microbiological Monitors are single use, pre-sterilized 100mL filtering and culturing device with fixed Nitrocellulose membrane. For monitoring contaminants in liquid samples. After sample is filtered, nutrient liquid media is added, and the unit is converted into a Petri dish for culturing. EZMicro™ Microbiology Funnel Monitor are for all types of microbiological analysis like Potable Water, Beer and Wine, Wastewater, Dairy Products, Soft Drinks, and other Liquid samples
These EZMicro™ Microbiology Funnel Monitors are easy to use vacuum filters.  They must be used with a vacuum source like a manifold.  The funnel adapter is placed in the vacuum source and twist it down.

Then remove the cover place the liquid sample in and filter.  To filter turn the vacuum on briefly and slowly.  Media can be added to grow colleges after filtration, to see what microorganisms are in the sample for identification.
Some of the EZMicro™ funnels have a removable center funnel to make a petri dish which can be labeled and incubated for culturing.  Place the plug in the bottom were the adapter was to seal and covered.
Please Note:  EZMicro™ come with black or white Nitrocellulose (MCE) membranes that are gridded for easy counting.  EZMicro™ has a few extra features like the magnifying glass that helps with the colony counting.  Some of the EZMicro™ Monitors have a removable membrane that can be save.

Watch EZMicro™ in Action

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