Foxx Life Sciences 2019 Open House
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Foxx Life Sciences 2019 Open House

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Foxx Life Sciences Open House 2019

The clouds parted, and the sun shined down on another of Thomas Taylor's annual "Foxx Life Sciences Open House" Events.

President and CEO, Thomas Taylor can tell you that a pattern has continued for years now; rain in the forecast, several dreary days prior, and impending storms on the horizon. Still, the optimistic planning committee pushed on, fueled by confidence streaming from the top. And, June 14th miraculously turned out to be a beautiful day, with another successful business celebration on the books!

Over 175 people were in attendance at this years' Open House. On the menu was delicious food either donated by local merchants, homemade by Foxx staff or grilled right out front. Several company tours took place, for those interested in seeing Foxx Life Sciences operations first hand. Highlights of the tour included viewing our ISO Class 7 Cleanroom, the infamous Foxx War Room, warehouse, White Room, Engineering Department and ending in Lab Rat Gifts store. The tour also featured demonstrations and discussions of Foxx's innovative yet affordable laboratory supplies, designed with and for end-user lab workers, to provide solutions for common lab dilemmas. The spark of Foxx's next generation innovation is electric, and the excitement resonates in the air.

In closing the event, Mr. Taylor gave special thanks to everyone visiting Foxx Life Sciences, "It was a great day and wonderful to have so many from the local, southern New Hampshire biotech field, as well as from across the globe." Global visitors included those from India, Israel, Mexico, and Canada. Attending from Singapore, was Meghan Han PENG, featured cutting the ribbon in the photograph. Ms. Han PENG and Alice Motteri (of Foxx Life Sciences) celebrated the launch of Foxx's new BioProcess Single Use Distributor, ESCO, in Singapore! 

Tom also thanked, "All of the ILDA, ARMI, New Hampshire Tech Alliance, NH BIA and LPA people who attended. Open House sponsors including Tufts Health Freedom Plan, Cynthia Conde at New Hampshire Tech AllianceSpectrum Marketing, Donna Morris at Salem NH Chamber of Commerce, Ashley Haseltine at Derry Londonderry Chamber of Commerce, Chili’s, Black Water Grill, Tuscan Kitchen, The Common Man, SUBZERO Ice Cream and (World’s Largest online Science Themed e-Gift Store). Finally, Thanks to all the Foxx Employees who worked really hard in pulling this together for such an amazing day."

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Thomas Taylor and some of his staff enjoy a break during Foxx's Open House

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